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Return / Refund

Credit amount will be calculated as follows:

TIRES: Credit less all freight charges incurred.

WHEELS: Credit less all freight charges incurred. Wheels cannot have had tires mounted; please test fit wheels prior to mounting tires.

WHEEL & TIRE PACKAGE: Credit less $60 labor charge for dismount and less all freight charges incurred.

SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS: Special order items are not returnable.

Orders shipped via R & L Gator or UPS are charged freight both ways on refused shipments.

Unauthorized or non prepaid returns will be refused, items must be in original boxes, complete and in new condition. A restocking charge 15% will apply. NO CASH REFUND


All orders are shipped collect. Title transfers to the buyer when merchandise is picked up by the carrier at our warehouse. It is the buyers responsibility to report all shortage, damages, etc. to the carrier. All open accounts are due on the 10th of the month following purchases. Accounts not paid by the 15th of the month are past due. A 1 1/2% monthly service charge will be added to any account not paid by the 20th of the month. Please test fit wheels / mounted wheels are non returnable.

Return Conditions and Procedures

All merchandise must be in new condition. Tires must not be driven on. Wheels must not have been mounted on a vehicle or had tires mounted on them (excluding wheel and tire packages). We do not accept returns using U.S. Postal Service or Canada Post, and the shipment must be fully insured.

All merchandise must be properly packaged. Whenever possible merchandise should be packaged the same way and with the same materials as it was received.


    Secure center cap onto rim and lug nuts/bolts in a small box and tape securely to inside of wheel box so it can not come undone during shipping. Make sure the container is strong so the hardware does not break out and damage the wheel. If the package opens and damages the rim, you will not get a full refund.
    Wheel must have a foam sheet pad, or be wrapped in a plastic bag to protect the face of the wheel from cardboard chafing.
    If returning two wheels in one box, must have protective cardboard between wheels.
    Wheel must be secured and well protected in the box. Any Styrofoam packing material received with the shipment must be reused in the same way.


    Each tire must be labeled with the Road Runner Wheels address as well as your own address.
    Return Authorization Code must be clearly printed on each label.

Wheel and Tire Packages

    When possible, use original packaging material consisting of:
        Three cardboard layers (two for the face of the wheel and one for the backside of the wheel).
        Foam layers are required to protect the face of the wheel from cardboard chafing.
        Small box secured to a piece of cardboard containing the hardware.
    The tire/wheel packages must be repackaged in the same fashion as when they were originally received.
    If nylon banding is unavailable, a high-strength tape may be substituted to hold cardboard and foam securely on the tire/wheel package

Under no circumstance will Road Runner Wheels accept a return of product that is damaged due to the negligence of the customer that placed the order!!! The wheels are still your property until we get them back.
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